Hello darlings,

This is me, Aurora Slim, and I am super grateful that you’ve stepped into my cyber parlour. Please be sure that you are always most welcome here. Seriously, drop in anytime for a little yet spacious pause.


I am a young woman, a mother, a wife, a teacher, but above all, a soul who’s been on a long road to itself. After a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, crashes and collapses, I am finally starting to feel at home in my own body. There came a point in my life when I had a glimpse of the truth behind the veils of illusion. I guess my suffering had reached a certain point when there were only two options: shut down completely and drown in endless sorrow numbed by medication or transform and transmute the pain into the light. I chose the second way. Or should I say it chose me? Something switched inside and I suddenly heard the words that never before made any sense to me. ‘No suffering is real.’ – they said. ‘It’s all in your head. Just stop thinking and be free.’ It was not actually that I HEARD those words, I FELT them with all my being and that was the experience which compares to nothing else. Total sense of freedom, boundless love, overflowing joy, vibrant creativity – I suddenly felt alive, truly alive and I can tell you it feels so so sweet.


After this first touch upon my true essence, I knew I could never again go back to living as I did before. And though this sublime feeling of enlightenment did not stay with me for good, I now know that it exists and I want to abide in it. There is absolutely no better place to be than HERE & NOW, at home within yourself. My mantra is ‘WHATEVER WORKS!’ when it comes to finding that inner, thought-free peace of mind. I meditate, I read certain books, I listen to my gurus’ recordings, I dance, I go for a walk or a run in nature, I play with my baby, I watch my breathing, I express my gratitude, I serve – these little activities usually work magic to catapult me from my problematic self, to the real self which is nothing else but LOVE & CREATIVITY.


When I manage to get out of this busy neighbourhood, called ‘My head’ and rejoice in the state of being, life unfolds with grace and beauty, which I appreciate enormously and thus want to share with y’all. Actually, the more I notice, love, and share this state of being, the more it grows in me, giving me yet more and more beautiful experiences to be thankful for.



I’ve always loved to write – it has always been one of the most powerful ways to express myself. However, it’s only after this inner shift that I finally felt free to write publicly without worrying about what others will have to say or obsessing about a certain future result. I do it for the sake of my creativity, my heart’s desire and the pure joy of sharing. It just feels the right thing to do. So here I am, a happy being, going through life wondering at its plentiful marvels and laying it down, black on white, as the little footprints saying ‘I was here’ ‘I wondered’ ‘I found’ ‘I learned’, ‘I loved’.



The second best thing after writing is talking. I ain’t mean gossiping or complaining, but rather digging into the depths of soul and the miracles of this amazing universe. I am a big believer in the healing and creative power of words. First comes the word then all the rest. I offer my ears and open heart to working with words that shape your reality. Interested? Go straight to coaching and learn more.

What an exciting journey awaits us! Take my hand and let’s go together, my friend. Enjoy the reads and get in touch with me for some soul-to-soul talks.

with gratitude and love.

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