Recently I received quite a few notes from people I do not personally know, in which they thank for my writings and for inspiring them. That sure did caress my heart and at the same time made me wonder, what it actually takes to inspire someone. It seems to me that all I do is live as everyone else does, not more perfectly, not in any way exemplary and that‘s what I share. How come it appears to inspire?

I wonder

I started thinking about those people who inspire me. What do they have in common? Certainly not looks, not possessions, not status, not professions. They are so varied and so different from Buddhist monks, to celebrities, from spiritual teachers, to business people. What do they have in common, indeed? I thought and thought about it, until it suddenly hit me.

There‘s one thing they all share and that is a QUESTION. I couldn‘t help, but wonder… used to type Carrie from Sex and the City. Is it true – asks Byron Katie. Well, Oprah is all about questions. Who would you be without your story? – Eckart Tolle invites to question. Why? – repeats Simon Senek. Can I produce my own music – wondered Beyoncé. What is your purpose – inquired Seth Godin. I can go on and on with the questions that are still ringing in my mind from the second I heard them in those people‘s lips.

Happiness is a few questions away

That’s the point. These are the people who are not satisfied with what is and ask how it could be different. What is possible? Their questions sow a seed of doubt in you and you begin searching. You take up an active role of an investigator searching for what’s true for you. Guess what? No matter where your search leads you, you grow in the process. You feel alive and driven by child-like curiosity. Damn, that feels as good as a breath of fresh air. Is it a coincidence that the very word inspire if traced back to the Greek origins means God-breathed. So inspiration is one fresh, divine breath given to a tired body as a gentle push to move forward.

I realized that just like those people who give my soul lungs some fresh air, I too love asking questions. What does it feel to be a mother/ a woman/ a creator? Where does happiness hide? Why do blue moods take us over? How do we make sense of all the things happening around? What should one do with his/her life? How to unlock the heart’s voice? And most importantly I ask Why suffer when you can sniff around for God’s breath and go on a journey to your best self.

I am more than happy if any of my questions lead you to starting your personal journeys.

Question mark-headed,

Aurora Slim




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